Wedding Ceremonies

ryan_sarah-Album-Ryansarah157jpg-Anastasia-Photography-Mozilla-Firefox-312011-15844-PMBringing Ceremony back into the wedding day

There are moments in our lives that we hold above all others. Moments marked not by cakes, flowers, or stationary – but by our hearts. At a wedding our hearts sing out for connection. Modern Celebrant wedding ceremonies celebrate the promise of your two lives. The joining of which is evidence of a great human truth…that to love and be loved is the greatest gift of all.

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Many engaged couples get so caught up in planning, that the rich inner world on their way to becoming a married couple gets forgotten. Yet your ceremony the beginning of your marriage AND it sets the tone for your entire wedding day. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You don’t get to do it twice. Not to mention that the ceremony is often the first time many guests will have met. What a precious opportunity to bring them together in a way they’ll talk about for years to come. What do we hear every time from our couples and their guests?  BEST. WEDDING CEREMONY. EVER.

BC Wedding Awards BEST WEDDING OFFICIANTWhen your wedding ceremony is alive with this much meaning and personality, it is a journey of the heart. A collectively felt experience that becomes part of your couple and family story. We get to know all our couples and will weave your own words into the ceremony because it’s what love and marriage mean to you that matters. Both of you will feel seen and heard.  Check out the PERSONALITY & STYLE of our WEDDINGS.

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“I had the pleasure of attending a wedding Michele officiated, and indeed, I experienced meaning and celebration within ceremony she created. Her presence was both discreet and ample. She provided an organic leadership that amplified the great love of the betrothed and supported their unique cultural and spiritual personality. She was warm, joyous, appropriate. She shone with an empowered and grounded presence that always understood the wedding was about the light of the beloved. I enjoyed it so much and would consider it a delight to attend something else she officiates.” Ashley Judd

“It takes a great deal of empathy and generosity to tell someone else’s story in a rich and meaningful way. Each time I’ve worked with Modern Celebrant’s Michele Davidson, she has done this and made her clients very happy in the process. The sound of her expressive voice adds so much significance to each event she is a part of. Michele cares deeply about those she comes in contact with, and sees her work not just as a career but as a calling.’   Erik Andersen, Love Story Media

Kiyoshi and michaelLGBT Marriages Whether you call it a gay wedding, a same-sex wedding or something else entirely, co-creating wedding ceremonies for LGBT couples is a hugely special experience for us. A formal (and legal) ceremony to mark this ‘right’ of passage was far too long denied to same-sex couples. We know that there are many kinds of relationships and families. You are welcome here and welcome to be YOU! All that matters is that you share an abiding love and wish to honour and care for one another. We welcome ALL couples and promise a ceremony that celebrates your commitment to each other. And yep, it is legal here in Canada.

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Our magnetic north is crafting custom ceremonies to an exceptionally high standard. We accept a limited number of ceremonies each year. Please contact us as soon as you know what day you will be married.  Currently we are accepting commissions for 2014, as well as 2015.